Yet another example why America needs better gun control laws. Have you ever seen the show Repo Games on Spike?

It?s actually a fairly funny show that follows a repossession crew as they take back cars with outstanding loans. However, if the debtors are able to answer 3 of 5 trivia questions correctly, they can keep their car, and the show will pay off the car loan. Seems like a pretty sweet deal.

Well a Las Vegas man must have been jealous he wasn?t on the show, because he actually started shooting at the Repo crew during filming. The man, Carlos Barron, thought the production was too close to his house. His neighbors were contestants on the show.

TMZ has obtained video of the incident, and Barron can be heard threatening production members ?saying, ?I?ll blow your ass away man ? I will kill your ass.?

As the cameras rolled, one crew member instructs a cameraman, ?Tape motherf**ker ? this is real, real sh*t ? that?s what Anderson Cooper does, b*tch.?

It?s pretty amazing video. And we guess there is no question now that Repo Games isn?t staged.

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